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Serving the Entire Sacramento Area Including Fair Oaks & Folsom
North Area: 916-925-0328
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3 Ways That Routine Tree Care Benefits Your Company

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Group of volunteers planting and watering tree
Whether you own a factory, hotel, restaurant, or medical office, the trees on your property are probably the last thing you plan for when you make out your yearly budget. Your trees become immensely important only when one falls on your parking lot or front walkway.

To avoid dangerous falling trees and other tree-related problems, schedule regular maintenance of the trees on your commercial property. Here are three important reasons to practice preventative tree care.

1. Lower Your Risk of Pest Problems

In 2015, one pest-control company estimated that pest problems cost U.S. businesses a total of $6.8 billion in operating costs. One of the primary ways that bugs, rats, and other pests enter a business is via the landscaping.

Trees that overhang the roof allow roof rats and squirrels an easy walkway into your facility. Nesting birds find holes and vents around the roof line and enter your facility to eat the bugs that wander inside. Bats, roaches, mice, Norway rats, and other pests burrow along the shrubbery and mulch located next to the building's foundation.

Remove easy access by having trees trimmed back from touching any structural walls. Limbs that touch or overhang the roof should also be cut back.

Order the trimming of dense shrubbery and tree branches directly in contact with the foundation of your structures. Experts recommend that vegetation be no closer than two feet from your building to reduce the risk of pest infestation.

2. Reduce the Chances of Personal and Property Damage

In December of 2017, high winds in Sacramento toppled trees into buildings and roadways. Over 11,000 people lost power when some of the trees landed on electric lines. Random storms can't always be predicted ahead of time, but you can arrange to have the dead and diseased trees removed from your property right now. 

Have trees inspected and properly maintained throughout the year. Your tree experts take out insect- and drought-damaged trees that are at risk of falling. The remaining trees undergo routine limb-pruning by your tree service, so the healthy branches stay in shape and away from vulnerable windows and walkways.

If you neglect your sick or dying trees, they become hazards to life and property. People, structures, vehicles, and neighboring properties may be hit by limbs or trunks of trees. Your insurance company may not reimburse you for all of the damages to property if the insurance carrier can prove that you neglected the condition of your trees.

3. Earn the Reputation of a Caring, Responsible Local Business

Both the city of Sacramento and the state of California enforce laws concerning trees. If your commercial business has a Heritage Tree on or near the property, special rules apply to any work on or around the tree. Other local ordinances in places like Elk Grove and Rancho Cordova have similar rules about protected trees. 

There are laws about the encroachment of trees on adjacent properties. If your trees overhang a neighbor's land, your business can be held liable for any damages that the trees cause.

Another law you must follow is the state's Solar Shade Control Act. Between the hours of 10 am and 2 pm, your trees or shrubs cannot shade over 10 percent of a neighbor's existing solar system.

The rule doesn't apply to established trees and shrubs. There's also a provision for the replacement of a dead tree that was planted before the solar array was installed. However, you can't install new shade-producing plantings made after an approved solar collector is installed. If you do, you could be subject to a civil suit.

Hire a professional tree service to care for your trees. They understand local ordinances and how to safely work around Heritage trees. They can trim any trees that overhang neighboring properties and advise you on tree plantings that won't grow too tall for adjacent solar systems. Your neighbors appreciate your concern for them, and you make your area safer for everyone.
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