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Serving the Entire Sacramento Area, Including Fair Oaks & Folsom
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Serving the Entire Sacramento Area Including Fair Oaks & Folsom
North Area: 916-925-0328
South Area: 916-991-1551

3 Ways to Improve the Health of Your Trees

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Sycamore tree grove casting shadows
Trees on and around your property offer many benefits. Individual trees can add as much as 10 percent to your property value and landscaping with trees can bump your home's value up by as much as 20 percent. In addition to adding value to the outside of your home, a tree planted on the west side of your home can help to reduce your power bills by as much as 3 percent.
If your trees are not healthy, they can be a liability instead of an asset. Fortunately, you can take steps to help keep your trees in good condition. 

Prune Trees Correctly

One of the best ways to ensure that your trees remain healthy is to remove the dead or diseased limbs on your trees. This will not only reduce the stress and strain that these branches can place on your tree, but it will also reduce or eliminate further disease and decay.
While you may be able to execute proper pruning on small trees by yourself, this is not a task that you will want to undertake on large trees. Pruning large trees is one of the most dangerous landscaping tasks, and numerous people each year are injured and killed while attempting to prune or trim trees.
You should always call a tree service to prune your large trees. They have the knowledge and equipment to prune your trees safely. They will first assess your trees to ensure that they are pruning and shaping your trees in the best manner that will ensure the tree's health. A professional tree service will ensure that the job is done without causing damage to you or your property.

Inspect Your Trees

Numerous trees can be found in the Sacramento area. Some of the common trees species in the area are:
  • Blue oak
  • California black walnut
  • California sycamore
  • Gray pine
  • Interior live oak
  • Oregon ash
  • Valley oak
  • Various willows
  • White Alder
Depending on the types of trees you have in your yard, some may be more susceptible to disease than others. While diseases can sometimes be caused by various insects and pests, you should also be aware of various fungal diseases.
For example, too much wet weather early in the spring can result in your trees being affected by anthracnose. While this fungus is usually species-specific, several different species can be affected by the same condition at the same time. 
When your oak trees are affected by anthracnose, you may see leaf blotches or early discoloration and defoliation. While this particular fungus does not usually cause long-term damage to your trees, other fungal diseases can.
By inspecting your trees on a regular basis, you will be able to identify if and when your tree contracts an infection. If you spot something that looks unusual, call a tree service to examine your trees. They will be able to identify and address any problems your trees have.

Restrict the Use of Herbicides

While your yard and garden may benefit from an application of herbicides, your trees can be damaged by these chemicals. To reduce the amount of herbicide that reaches your trees, a thick layer of mulch should be applied around the base of your tree.
Avoid placing mulch against your tree bark as it can hold moisture to your tree. This can reduce air movement and cause crown rot. A proper balance of mulch is important, as too little will not give you the protection you are looking for and too much can cause your tree to have to send out shallow feeder roots. These types of roots will be more susceptible to damage and disease. 
AAA Tree Service can help you ensure that your trees remain healthy. We work throughout the Sacramento area to provide any service that your trees may need. Call us today for a free estimate.