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Serving the Entire Sacramento Area Including Fair Oaks & Folsom
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4 Large Trees Native to the Sacramento Area

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large tree
Trees can take several decades to reach their full height, but that does not mean you shouldn't bother planting large trees on your property. By adding a few large trees to your landscape - in places where they have adequate room, of course - you'll be creating shade and ambiance for the future owners of your property.
You do need to be careful, however, to choose trees that grow well in your local area so that they remain healthy and vibrant. This is especially true when you're planting large trees, since an unhealthy large tree can present quite a risk to property owners. The following are four varieties of large trees that are native to and grow well in the Sacramento area. 
1. Boxelder
Boxelder trees are known for their brown, ridged bark and compound leaves. Although the boxelder is technically a species of maple tree, its leaves look similar to those of an ash tree. Boxelder trees do release some winged seeds, but they are not particularly messy trees. They attract small birds, who feed on these seeds.
Boxelder trees grow to be about 50 feet tall. The best place to plant one is a site that is well-drained, moist, and sunny. A boxelder tree will withstand the occasional drought - a necessary quality of trees in Sacramento. 
2. Oregon Ash
Although it is called the Oregon ash, this tree grows well in California, too. It is an excellent shade tree, thanks to its somewhat broad canopy and absence of branches near the ground. At maturity, an Oregon ash can reach up to 80 feet tall, but most are somewhat shorter. These trees have compound leaves that are medium-green in color. 
Oregon ash trees will grow in sun or part-shade, and they tolerate poorly drained, soggy areas where other trees may not grow. They grow quickly and attract butterflies and birds. These trees are very strong and stout, so you have to worry very little about storm damage and branch breakage.
3. California Sycamore
If you're looking for a truly unique tree that will attract a lot of attention, consider planting a California sycamore. These trees have peeling, mottled trunks that remind you of birch trunks. They grow to a majestic 100 feet tall, and their leaves turn a lush yellow in the fall. A single California sycamore can shade an entire yard.
California sycamores do prefer spots with full sunlight, so choose a wide, open area for planting. They'll tolerate sandy or clay soils. Some California sycamores develop multiple trunks, but early pruning maintains a more attractive shape.
4. White Alder
The white alder is related to birch trees and has pale, gray bark that becomes increasingly scaly with age. These trees can grow to 80 feet tall, but they stay rather upright, so you can plant one in a narrower yard. Their leaves are broad with serrated margins, and a little bit hairy. White alder trees do produce cones and catkins, which some homeowners find a burden to clean up.
White alders grow in wet, poorly drained soil, and they tolerate full sunlight or partial shade. Their roots can be invasive, so take care not to plant a white alder too close to other trees. 
All four of these trees are known to grow strong and tall in the Sacramento area. As long as you select your site carefully and care for the tree when it's young, you should have good results. Contact AAA Tree Service if you need assistance trimming or otherwise caring for your trees. We offer trimming, pruning, and shaping services to keep your trees in top health.