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Serving the Entire Sacramento Area, Including Fair Oaks & Folsom
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Serving the Entire Sacramento Area Including Fair Oaks & Folsom
North Area: 916-925-0328
South Area: 916-991-1551

Four Reasons to Prune Trees in Winter

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While it may seem counterintuitive, winter is the perfect time to give your trees a thorough pruning. Not only will your plants look better, trimming away dead or decaying material can prevent potential hazards and promote better growth in the spring.

1. Timing Your Trimming

Trees stop growing during the cold season, drawing resources back from the leaves and branches into the trunk and roots. This means that freshly cut areas will be better able to handle any pruning.

2. A Better View

Once the leaves have fallen, you can get a better view of the fundamental structure of the branches. This makes it easier to find and remove dead or dying material.

3. Room to Maneuver

It is much easier to maneuver pruning tools and other equipment when foliage no longer blocks direct access.

4. Practicality

Many homeowners have plenty to keep them busy during the spring and summertime: sowing, mowing, weeding and watering. Trimming in the winter lets you take advantage of the lawn care during colder months.
While some homeowners prefer to tackle this chore on their own, there are also plenty of skilled landscapers with the know-how and the tools for the job. These professionals can better pinpoint problem areas, and handle removing any debris that gets trimmed away. Contact AAA Tree Service in Sacramento at 916-925-0328 about setting up an appointment with an arbor specialist in your area.