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Serving the Entire Sacramento Area, Including Fair Oaks & Folsom
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Serving the Entire Sacramento Area Including Fair Oaks & Folsom
North Area: 916-925-0328
South Area: 916-991-1551

The Dangers Borer Beetles Have on Trees

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No matter what kind of trees and bushes you have in your landscaping, you should be aware of the potential dangers posed by wood boring insects. Borer beetles can wreak havoc on trees by slowly killing them and increasing the risks of fire and falling. Here are some dangers of borer beetles and reasons it's important to hire experts to protect your trees.

  • Eating: Borer beetles spend their lives eating the interior wood of a tree which eventually kills the tree over a period of a few years. These beetles creates an excessive tunnel system within the tree which reduces structural integrity and makes trees more vulnerable to fire.
  • Fungus: Additionally, some species infect the trees with a fungus that attacks the layer between the bark and the wood, reducing the moisture content of the tree.
  • Breeding: Perhaps the largest risk with a beetle infestation is the danger to adjacent trees. Beetles breed during the time they are eating and killing a tree. When the food source is dried up, the entire beetle population moves to nearby trees to begin again.
Borer beetles can have devastating effects on trees. Their pattern of eating and breeding not only kills an infested tree, but puts all adjacent trees as risk for infestation. These dead trees pose a large risk for fire and unplanned falling. It's extremely important to hire tree experts to protect your trees from insect damage. Contact AAA Tree Service in Sacramento at 916-925-0328 to learn more about how to protect your trees from borer beetles.